Drac Makens: Not Your Average Beauty Guru


Devilish red and black are the colours of choice for this radical makeup statement-maker. Bianca, mainly known as Drac Makens, loves all things gothic and beauty related. Rocking Charcoal lipstick, scarlet lace and piercings galore, this chick is on a mission of self-expression, enticing fans to explore their own depths as well. As the proud owner of an Instagram page over 140k followers strong and a successful YouTube channel, this girl is making waves that come straight from the soul.


Leave it to Bianca to make goth look cool and dare we say, spookishly hot? Her Instagram is loaded with tons of underground imagery, from creepy comics and cats to snaps of old horror films. Yet, above all, her Halloween looks take the cake, standing as her known specialty. Using her knowledge of special effects makeup, she turns herself into a female Dracula, taking on many different forms. In each one, her pale face and blood-oozing eyes are freakishly professional and has largely contributed to her online fame.


Her YouTube tutorials are seriously addictive for horror-makeup-junkies. As someone who loves working outside the box with their craft, she teaches users how to create various deathly characters. In her Michael Hussar video, she instructs people on how to create a look in the style of his paintings. Yet, not only does she carry out the steps brilliantly, she has every angle planned out, prepared with preliminary sketches and even explains the rationale behind the video. To top it all off, she's got mood music in the background, adding to the creepy vibe of the makeup-- talk about making an impact!


She dedicates her YouTube channel to all those people out there who have a hard time finding videos that aren't Halloween related. She created her channel to make makeup tutorials for those lovely people out there who, like her, enjoy having fun and being different with their appearance but have a hard time discovering the right inspiration, online. In addition to tutorials, she also does makeup product reviews, tag videos, etc.


You can subscribe to her channel  where she uploads at least 2 videos a week. Even if you are the "wearable and natural makeup" kind of person, she has videos for you as well! You can also scope her out on Instagram for more Draco-fabulous ideas!