Simultaneously an animal rights' group and a movement, Oscar's Law has a clear objective: abolish puppy factories around Australia and possibly around the world.

If you haven't heard of a puppy factory before, then you're in for a (terrible) surprise. Also known as a puppy mill or a puppy farm, a puppy factory is basically a commercial facility that breeds and houses dogs mainly for profits. The problem with these facilities is that economic gains or profits are prioritised over the health and well-being of the animals. Dogs are kept in small and substandard shelters where they get little food and water. Veterinary care is basically non-existent and the dogs receive no grooming whatsoever. Practically every dog who lives in a puppy mill suffers from matted fur, gum disease, ear infections and overall debilitating health. These dogs are bred to produce the cute and fluffy puppies that you will typically see in pet shops and online pet stores. Once the dogs are no longer able to produce puppies, they are executed since they are no longer profitable.

This cruel and horrifying cycle is unfortunately the world behind the cute and adorable puppies you see in pet shop windows. If you've ever visited a pet store and saw a puppy or dog that looks weak and sickly then you know now that it's because of the ghastly living conditions in puppy mills. Oscar's Law seeks to end this cruel cycle by spreading awareness about the truth behind puppy mills, while encouraging people to stop buying from pet shops and breeders. While the industry continues to be profitable, the operation of puppy mills will never stop. Instead of buying pets from pet shops and breeders, Oscar's Law encourages people to adopt their animals from dog pounds and animal shelters. Countless animals in shelters are unable to find loving homes and many of them are euthanised after a certain waiting period.

What You Can Do

When it comes to animal rescue and fighting for animal rights, every effort of every individual counts. You can start by ceasing to be part of the cruel system by never purchasing a pet again from pet shops and online breeders. Spreading awareness is also crucial since there are still a lot of people who don't know the truth behind puppy mills. The Oscar's Law website features posters and leaflets which you can print and distribute to family members, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, local schools and local businesses. The website also features an online petition where you can add your signature or you can start a petition of your own.

Oscar's Law supporters are also encouraged to write to local politicians and officials in order to help turn Oscar's Law into a real government policy.

Want to act now? Visit Oscar's Law here.