What inspired you to join Wildlife ARC?

I have always been interested in wildlife, and I first met Gwen Parry-Jones (ARC's founder) when I was just a kid.  Ever since then this is what I have wanted to do!

What are your favourite little critters to care for?

I just have to say wallabies! They have so much personality, and they completely change your life. Watching them learning to hop and grow into confident little joeys is just incredible.

What are some of the challenges you face being a wildlife carer?

I get pooped on a lot, the house is never truly clean, and I don't really go out often - there's always a baby to feed. But it's worth it.

How can everyday citizens help our native wildlife without becoming a carer?

Keep your cat indoors, plant lots of native plants in your garden, and if you see a wild animal in distress, do the right thing and call Wildlife A.R.C. It's also important to stop and check the pouch of any marsupials that have been hit by cars - you never know when there's a joey and so often we can raise them successfully.

Any crazy or funny stories you want to share?

I got a call one night at about 11pm, to go pick up a baby wombat. It was about a 45 minute drive for me, but there wasn't anyone else available who was trained for wombats, so off we went. We got there and... it was a newborn rabbit. I couldn't believe it. We didn't get home till 1 am.