Hung Vanngo: Beauty & High Fashion

Hung Vanngo is a born artist known for his pure, avant-garde style. His innovative approach and intrinsic talent makes him a favourite among the world’s most prestigious fashion photographers and editors. In addition to his mark on the fashion stage, Hung’s work is also beloved by Hollywood’s finest; his skills have graced the faces of beautiful stars like Julianne Moore and Kate Bosworth. Over the course of his illustrious career, his natural abilities have paved a prestigious reputation within the fashion and beauty industry.

Yet, Hung’s prestige did not emerge immediately. Born in Vietnam, he moved to Canada where he began expanding his creative abilities. As he was deeply inspired by Canada’s multiculturalism, he responded to diversity though his sketching and painting. This devotion to art helped him master his trained eye and knack for colour and composition, leading to the pristine quality of work he has formed through his career.

Hung is currently based in New York City, where his  work graces the covers of respected magazines, major advertisements and the red carpet. In his beauty portfolio, you can really sense the passion and natural talent which brilliantly permeates through each model. Each of his artistic decisions are intuitive, allowing the colours and textures to fluently exalt the forms and complexion of the face. His work essentially breathes fire into faces, making the skin and features become an expressive entity of their own.

Hung also lends originality to his creations. He’ll break the conventional “rules” of makeup by using unexpected hues and applying them in unique ways. In a stunning shot, the model poses with berry-coloured lips and red mascara against a soft ivory face and nearly invisible eyebrows. The entire effect is provocative yet arrestingly vogue. In another creation for FQ magazine, Hung uses a liquid-looking pastel lime hue over her entire eye area including the lower lids and outer corners, creating a wing-like shape, topped with a jolting highlight on the brow bone.

Hung reveals the same mastery over his craft in his advertising work. He has worked regularly with Guess, building on the company’s signature sexy look.  With each of his collaborations with fashion labels, he matches the makeup concept to the brand’s identity, while still staying true the natural aesthetic of the model.  The results are never short of breathtaking.