Avante Garde Meets Special Effects: Jordan Hanz


With a flair for special effects makeup, Jordan Hanz is an out-of-the-box MUA who specialises in Halloween themes. She has a remarkable style that can be best described as monster meet avante garde. Creating all types of heart-pounding transformations, Jordan has the creativity and accuracy of a movie set professional. Using body paint, prosthetics and makeup as her tools, she produces wildly scary creatures, giving them breath and releasing them into the social media universe.


With each of Jordan’s creations, she becomes a story-teller. Her tale comes alive when she puts her models in costumes and occasionally, even places them in settings and gives them props. In this sense, Jordan is much more than your average MUA—she’s a movie visionary. Her rotting Alice in Wonderland design, for instance, offers an outstanding narrative that compliments her work. Here, a bone-chilling mutated Alice sits by a tree, surrounded by a picnic with her basket outside. Her face is half decayed with red, swollen boils covering half her face. Jordan completes the look with a wig of sweet blonde ringlets, creating a freakishly bizarre contrast between her deadly face and the innocence of her tresses. The overall scene stands as an epic testament to her abilities.


While Jordan’s monsters are creepy, they are also undeniably advanced in their use of technique. Her execution demonstrates a deep understanding of realism and colour theory, marking her strong background in the basic elements of art. Her artistic training includes working as a portrait painter, which allows her to master her fundamental skills. Through years of practice, she has mastered her craft by transferring her work from the canvas to the skin.


This experience is shown particularly well through her Evil Clown creation. Awakening our worst childhood nightmares, Jordan works her imagination, turning the model into a bloody, scar-covered monster with one blinded, blue-filmed eye. She also lends a story to the look, having the clown hold a dagger with a hauntingly happy expression. Perhaps the clown wants to murder us? Leave it to Jordan to make us wonder.


Jordan’s expertise is also shared on her YouTube channel. She offers amazing video tutorials, showing off her cool mix of realistic body art and cutting-edge makeup. With each video, Jordan aims to educate and teach techniques that you can take into any medium of art.


If you’re interested in seeing more horror-themed makeup, you can follow Jordan on Instagram at @jordanhanz. For business inquiries, you can email her at