Based in Hong Kong, Lauren Lee is a crafty makeup artist with an affinity for decorating the face in beautifully creative and expressive ways. With a varied body of work that openly reflects her personal taste and style, Lauren is confident about her eye for newness. On her Instagram page, she combines her portfolio of makeup looks with other feel-good images, making her platform a warmly entertaining experience.


Similar to a diary, Lauren treats her Instagram page as a window into her mind. Each post is a tribute to her vivid personality and love for life. From obsessive cat photos to must-have beauty products, we get an exciting glimpse into her world, which is filled with cool visual concepts. These images include her dramatic editorial work, sweet bridal looks, and competently random pics of junk food, which collectively attest to her adaptability as an artist.


Lauren’s makeup style can be best described as softness with an edge. She often embraces a delicate palate for the face and adds a chic twist by using stark colours or crafty add-ons like stickers or confetti. In one of her latest editorial creations, she applies a deep red pigment over the model’s eye lid, allowing the excess powder to spill over the lashes and onto the cheek as if dripping into tears. Then, along the eyebrows, she decorates the entire arch with tiny roses. Overall, the look is hauntingly beautiful and unique.


In her bridal work, Lauren seems to maintain a simple and clean aesthetic. She tends to embrace a light yet flawless complexion with a hydrating foundation, paired with a cream-based blush in fresh colours like peach or pink. The eyes and lips are also kept natural with delicate flashy hues, while the lashes are kept full and dramatic as an accent.


To browse through Lauren’s diverse set of work, you can visit her Instagram page at or Facebook at If you’re interested in her services, you may consult her via email at