Furless Environmental Policies


Being environmentally friendly is extremely important to us at Furless. We promise to never purchase nasty packaging to pack your orders with - but we do promise to reuse any nasty packaging that comes our way! All our packaging is either biodegradable, recyclable, or made from recycled materials.


Have you noticed how products come packaged these days? Most of this unnecessary packaging just ends up in landfill, polluting the land and waterways. So, Furless tries to reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging, and keep it to a bare minimum. No-one wants to tick Mother Nature off! We are also trying to make it easy for our Furless customers - just throw our packaging straight in the recycling bin. We also use packing chips (they look like polystyrene chips) that are made from 100% natural starch, which quickly breaks down when water is added to them.


As far as products go, Furless offers a range of Eco friendly brushes - bamboo handles, recyclable aluminium ferrules, and of course, fur-free bristles. Animal fur is not the most eco friendly of choices, nor is it ethical, so we are proud to offer high quality, hand made, synthetic brushes that don't cost the earth.

Did you know we are official sponsors of Wildlife ARC?


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